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Cat toys with cat's favorite, Japanese silvervine. The design is Japanese good luck charm, Maneki neko, also known as Welcoming cat, Lucky cat, or Beckoning cat!


Hana-the -cat-with-Japanese-cattoys

 What is Japanese slivervine? (Read Blog: About Matatabi



Maneki Neko has 2 types, Right paw raised or Left paw raised ones with each different meaning.


Right Paw

Right raised Maneki Neko is known to bring more money to you. The back of Koban coin has the letter 千万両, which means a large fortune, with many fishes to make you cat happy.






Left Paw

Left raised lucky cat is known to bring good encounters with humans (and of course, with animals, too) for you. 

On the back of Koban coin, the letter, 大入, which means "entering more" in Japanese, with many different types of cat fur for wishing both humans and cats can meet their "the perfect match."







The Catchy Team wanted to create a toy that makes both human and cat happy. Our concept helped us create a new cat kicker design by using Japanese traditional good luck charm with our unique twists.

Gold Koban Coin

The shape of this cat kicker is a Japanese old currency, Gold koban coin in the Edo period. Also, Maneki Neko is holding one inside of kicker as well.

In fact, there is one Japanese proverb says "Cat with Koban coin," which means "casting pearls before swine" in English. If you use it to someone, it means he/she does not know how much something is worth, but it is very ironic when watching a happy cat drunker with a Koban shaped cat kicker.


Hana-the -cat-with-Japanese-cattoys

This Koban coin sure is valuable for cats and they know it!
I hope all cats will bring good luck to brighten up your day!




Maneki Neko Koban Cat Kicker comes with Noshi, traditional Japanese style gift wrap!


In Japan, when sending a special gift to someone, we use Noshi to wrap the gift. Just like using ribbons and bows to make gifts look nice, Noshi, the strip of paper is used to wrap a gift for showing hospitality and respect to others.


We will send you a Maneki Neko Koban Cat Kicker in Japanese style, wrapping it with Noshi!


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